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Your Tree Cutting Service in Mankato

While cutting down a tree might not be as challenging as it seems, it does require experience, skill, and finesse from an experienced tree removal expert. Since our company’s beginning, tree removal has been our primary service, and we have experience with virtually every type and size of tree imaginable in Mankato, MN. Before we remove your tree, one of our arborists will carefully inspect the tree that needs to be removed and provide you with a free quote. They’ll go over the tree removal process with you in detail before we move on to the next step. Our arborist will take into account the type and size of the tree as well as the surrounding area, which may impact the entire tree removal process from beginning to end. When examining your tree, we will have to determine powerline proximity and if there are nearby buildings and objects, how difficult it will be to get our equipment to the tree removal site, and whether branches overhang your home and valuable property.

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Our Tree Company is Well-Equipped

Because each tree differs from the others, we must approach each one carefully before removing it. Please let us know during this visit if you have any preferences or special instructions. We will be happy to accommodate your needs. If you want to keep the wood, we can stack them wherever you like on your property. On the day of our first visit, one of our staff members can draft the service quote and leave the final decision to you. Tree removal is a big job, so our personnel will happily arrange a removal appointment that is most convenient for you. Our Mankato tree service provides expertise and professionalism that will leave you feeling pleased and content.

We Provide a Full Tree Removal Service

Our team will contact you on the scheduled day of tree removal to confirm our arrival time. Depending on the size of the tree, please give us a window of at least two hours; we want to ensure that our customers are happy with our service. When our supervisor assigns roles to the various members of the crew, the tree-cutting process will officially begin. In many cases, our staff will consist of a ground crew, a lead cutter, a branch cutter, and a chipper. We cut down trees in a methodical fashion, starting at the top and removing limbs on our way to the ground. Using our powerful equipment or a safety climbing harness, we will chop the tree down, branch by branch.  Our ground personnel will take care of the rest and cut the branches and stems into smaller pieces once the limbs have reached the bottom. Our chippers will handle small wood and other tree debris. While removing the tree, our ground crew will ensure the area is kept clean. Small pieces of wood and other tree debris are no problem for our chippers. Once we get down to the main trunk, we’ll stop.

Once we have finished removing your tree, you’ll have a leftover stump. You can decide whether you want us to perform stump removal or if you’d prefer that it stays where it is. If you choose to remove the stump, we will get the trunk as low to the ground as possible, making your property look clean and well-kept. This work can be messy, but you can rest easy knowing that we won’t leave a trace of tree bits left behind. Our tree service team will leave your yard in pristine condition.

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