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Our company provides residential and commercial tree services in Mankato, MN. We have a highly-skilled crew with expertise and experience in tree removal, pruning, maintenance, and upkeep. Situated close to Sibley Park, our company serves all Blue Earth and Nicollet Counties. Our tree business is a seasoned local service with over 15 years of experience. Our long history of providing long-lasting customer satisfaction results from our dedication to providing high-quality, safe services to your homes and businesses. As your local tree service provider, we guarantee that your trees will be in good hands! We always consider your safety and preference before removing or pruning your trees. Contact us today if you need help deciding what to do with your trees or want to enhance the curb appeal of your home and business! Residents of Mankato know who to contact when they need a dependable and affordable tree service. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our services!

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Why Choose Our Mankato MN Tree Services?

As a locally owned and operated business, our team understands the importance of being a part of the community we serve. Our professional relationships with our clients benefit greatly from this. As a result, Mankato residents and businesses come to rely on us. If you have specific plans for your trees, we can meet those needs on a customer basis. Our tree service business covers a wide range of tree care needs, from routine trimming to dangerous tree removal. Our tree company will ensure the delivery of quality tree services. Our team is ✔ Licensed ✔ Insured ✔ Experienced

We want to make sure that you are protected, satisfied, and happy with our services. Additionally, on top of having industry experience and tree expertise, our crew has cutting-edge tools and equipment to take on any tree job. With an unwavering commitment to bringing the highest-quality tree services to you, we will strive to excel in every aspect of our work.

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Expert Mankato Tree Contractor

We offer the highest quality tree care in Mankanto, Minnesota and the surrounding areas. We are eager to provide our expertise to enhance your tree’s general health or safely remove your trees. Our team offers:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Emergency Tree Services
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Mankato Tree Removal Services

The decision to cut down a tree can be difficult for a homeowner. For most of us, it is never easy to say goodbye to a tree, especially after forming fond memories with it. In some cases, however, you may not have a choice. Certain situations may compel homeowners to cut their tree down when it is dying, sick, or poses a risk to their home and nearby property. Under these circumstances, there is usually a risk that a branch or limb will break off and cause injury or even death to someone nearby. It’s important to hire a reliable tree removal company that can cut your tree down with ease. Our Mankato tree service is the business to get the job done right without hassle!


Additionally, cutting trees near power lines is advised before they cause an issue. The easiest approach to getting rid of a dangerous tree is to hire our tree-cutting service. We strongly recommend seeking assistance from our tree specialist when removing trees. Removing a tree alone without adequate training or experience can be hazardous or even fatal. Occasionally, tree jobs will require large vehicles and machinery like cranes and spider lifts.

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Professional Tree Trimming Services

 In order to keep your trees healthy and thriving, tree trimming is one of the most important services you can invest in. Our professional tree pruners are available to boost your large plant’s health and well-being and enhance your property’s appeal. One of our arborists will carefully remove the right limbs and branches from your trees. Observing these horticultural standards ensures that your tree remains in good form and health. Our expert arborists are formally trained and experienced to work with any tree, helping them thrive and improve their appearance, well-being, and longevity. Additionally, if you have any fruit trees, proper pruning will help them increase yields and improve fruit size and quality. If you want to ensure your tree gets the care it needs to thrive, we can take care of the diseased and broken branches for you.

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Stump Removal

We either use heavy machinery to dig the stump out of the ground or perform stump grinding so that it is no longer visible. Complete stump removal is typically chosen for commercial properties and development, whereas homeowners prefer stump grinding since it does less damage to the surrounding landscape.  Stump grinding can be a dirty procedure, but you can trust that Mankato tree service will do the job in a way that minimizes the mess. We can get the job done quickly and safely with our cutting-edge grinders. To start machining a stump, we’ll need to raise one of our industrial-strength grinders above the stump. We guarantee that none of our tools will leave any traces behind. Our stump removal professionals take extra care to protect your landscaping from damage!

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We Have Certified Arborists on Staff

Our Mankato tree service takes customer satisfaction and quality workmanship very seriously. We have ISA-certified arborists in Mankato who can properly dispose of or maintain your trees’ health and wellness. If you hire our services, you can rest assured that your trees and surrounding property will be cared for properly. We have the heavy machinery and years of developed expertise to carry out small and large tree jobs. If your trees need tending to, or if you need clarification on whether your tree has infection, infestation, or disease, we have your back! We’ll send one of our arborists out to thoroughly examine your trees and provide the best course of action to take. You’ll be impressed by how much we can accomplish for your beloved trees!

Contact Our Mankato Tree Services Today

We are confident that our tree care service is reliable and high-quality. If you entrust our arborists to look after and maintain your trees and landscaping, you can rest assured that all your tree jobs will be completed with care and precision. Our team takes pride in their work and guarantees that your trees will look better and be healthier after servicing. If your tree needs attention, call us. We look forward to working with you!

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